- Indonesian and Japanese Contemporary Art Show Organized by Kyushu University AQA Project Students
九大生AQAプロジェクトによる現代美術展 世界の在りか―インドネシアと日本

【Period】2014 February 14th(Fri.) − 25th(Tue.)
【Venue】Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F Artists' Gallery
【Closed】February 29th(Wed.)
※this exhibiton is closed

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  In this year’s exhibition we introduce Indonesian and Japanese artists who have found channels to connect to the world by appropriating images in their artwork.

  Indonesia has historically flourished as a center of maritime trade and thus many ethnic groups sailed to its islands and made them their new home. After Dutch colonial rule, Indonesia managed to establish its independence as one unified nation built of numerous regional identities. Today, this cultural richness can be also identified in the arts of the Indonesian cities Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

  In Japan the situation may appear to be the opposite. Japanese “national identity” is prioritized over individual identity and one’s sense of self is secondary in the creative process.

  Understanding this contradiction we may pose a question: what is that “something” that determines and shapes our world-view? Based on our field research and close observations the answer stems from the cities, communities, and the people whose natures are shaped by the very ground they stand on; by the land they inhabit.

  Sharing our knowledge and impressions; this year’s exhibition aspires to explore distinctive world-views which delineate the contemporary world on a smaller scale; cities, communities, and people. We hope that this exhibition will give you an opportunity to experience the richness of Indonesian and Japanese local culture and will help you to understand the so far unseen, hence ‘map the unmapped’.

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Information 展覧会情報

Outline of the Exhibition 
 Mapping the Unmapped is organized by the AQA Project and administered by a team of students learning the department of aesthetics and art history at the School of Letters of Kyushu University. This exhibition received the support of the Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Culture Promotion (FFAC) as the exhibition aims to introduce cutting edge and experimental works in Indonesian and Japanese contemporary art scenes to Fukuoka citizens. The artworks were chosen to be featured based on this year’s exhibition theme. This exhibition is also a part of an outreach initiative of Social Cooperation of the School of Letters, Kyushu University.

 The AQA Project has organized art exhibitions since 2006. The very first exhibition organized was titled, Madonnas of the Philippines, showcased artworks from the permanent collection of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Since then, we have curated an art exhibitions every year under diverse themes; TADAIMA: Looking for Sweet Home: Exhibition of Asian contemporary Art (in cooperation with “The 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2009”) in 2009, OTONARISAN: The Stranger Next Door: Korean and Japanese Contemporary Art in 2010-11, Art Today in Taiwan and Japan fragile reality in 2011-2012 and Encountering the Unknown: Singaporean and Japanese Artists' Dialogue with Their Cities in 2012-2013 .

 Based on the AQA Project’s past exhibition experiences and the field research we conducted on contemporary Indonesian art this year, we strive to curate an exhibition, which is creative and thought provoking. We hope that this year’s exhibition will contribute to the further development of Indonesian and Japanese contemporary art and advance mutual understanding and fruitful cultural exchange between these two countries.

Exhibition TitleMapping the Unmapped
-Indonesian and Japanese Contemporary Art Show Organized by Kyushu University AQA Project Students
Organized by Fukuoka City/Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Culture Promotion (FFAC) /
School of Letters Kyushu University/AQA Project
Coresponsered byFukuoka Asian Art Museum
Co-curatorHirota Midori
In cooperation withFSRD, Institut Teknologi Bandung(ITB)/Dikdik Sayadikumullah
Schedule February 14th(Fri.)-25th(Tue.), 2014 
Openning Hours 10:00-20:00, Closed on February 29th(Wed.)
VenueFukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F Artists' Gallery
3-1 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city Fukuoka, 812-0027 JAPAN
TEL: +81-92-263-1100
Entrance FeeFree

AQA Project
ATTN: Department of Aesthetics and History of Art, School of Letters, Kyushu University>
6-19-1 Hakozaki Higashi-ku Fukuoka-city Fukuoka 812-8581 JAPAN

Faculty in Charge
:USHIROSHOJI Masahiro (後小路雅弘)
 Professor of Humanities, Kyushu University

Event イベント

■Artist Talk
[schedule]February 14th(Fri.) 15:00-17:00 [fee]free
[venue]Artists' Gallety(FUkuoka Asian Art Museum F8)
[guests]Artist : Mariam Sofrina, Yopie Nuguraha(JaF), Imabayashi Akiko, Tanaka Chisato, Terae Keiichiro
      Co-curator : Hirota Midori

■Openning reception
[schedule]February 14th(Fri.)18:00-19:00

■Lecture "Indonesian Contemporary Art and ITB"
[schedule] February 15th(Sat.) 10:00-11:30
[venue]Artists' Gallery(Fukuoka Asian Art Museum F8)
[guest]Dikdik Sayadikumullah(Faculty of Art and Design, Fine Art Department, Institute of Teknology Bandung)
[moderater] Ushiroshoji Masahiro(Professor/School of Letters, Graduate School of Humanities, Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University)

■Workshop by Terae Keiichiro(Artist)
Participants create a stone like real one with artist Terae Keiichiro and we expect that through this experience you can have a chance to think about own "world".
※please come in clothes which can be dirty.
[schedule]February 15th(Sat.) 14:00-16:00
[venue]Artists' Gallery entrance (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F)
※A reservation must be made beforehand in order to participate in this event. Please directly contact us by telephone or e-mail using the contact information below.(your name, the number of people, your age, your sex and your contact address)
[Applications] Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion
         Tel: +81-92-263-6266 Fax: +81-92-263-6259
[quota] 20 (order of arrival)

■ARTLIER Lounge Concert
We hold the string quartet by Ohyama Heiichiro who serves in director and regular conductor of Santa Barbara Orchestra and professional who are active based in Fukuoka.
[schedule]February 21st(Fri.) 18:00-19:00
[venue]Artists' Gallery(Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F)
[performer]Matsuda Masako(first violin),Tomonaga Akane(second violin), Ohyama Heiichiro(viola), Tamoto Maki(cello)
※exhibition will not be available 17:30 - 19:30 on Feb. 21 (Fri.)

■Gallery Talk by AQA project Students
[schedule]February 23rd(Sun.) 11:00-12:00,16:00-17:00
[venue]Artists' Gallery(Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F)

■Symposium by AQA project Students
Members of AQA Project make a report of processes of the exhibition and talk about exhibition theme.
[schedule]February 23rd(Sun.) 13:00-15:00
[venue]Artists' Gallery(Fukuoka Asian Art Museum 8F)
[panelist]Kusunose Kenta, Nakashima Sayako, Hino Ayako, Hino Kanako, Yamanaka Risako etc.(members of AQA project)

Artist アーティスト


From Indonesia

Eldwin Pradipta


(born in 1990)

Jatiwangi art Factory


(founded in 2005)

Maulana Muhammad Pasha   


(born in 1983)

Mariam Sofrina


(born in 1983)

Tandya Rachmat Sampura


(born in 1989)

Wimo Ambala Bayang


(born in 1976)

From Japan

Imabayashi Akiko        


(born in1985)

Tanaka Chisato


(born in 1980)

Terae Keiichiro


(born in 1981)